Integration request: Readwise Reader

Hey folks, I’ve been using the new Readwise Reader for the past couple of weeks and found it to be superior to other competitors like Pocket or Instapaper. I’m still saving all my articles to Pocket as well because of the Beeminder integration - so it’s a bit of duplicate work for now. Unfortunately no two-way sync between Reader and Pocket as far as I can see.

I don’t really know about Reader’s API capabilities, but if there’s any Beeminder integration in the future, there will be no need to rely on Pocket anymore.


Love it!

We have at least two heavy users of Reader beta on the team, and I talked about building an integration during my onboarding :slight_smile:

Their API is only for adding articles at the moment. Folks may be able to rig up something unofficial… I haven’t looked into it too much.


Added to the list!

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