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Soft Launch of Official Pocket Autodata Integration

This is a sneak peek for now but we think it works!

We’d love to have more of y’all putting it through its paces. (It’s working like a charm for me personally.)

Thanks to @shawnkoh and @lanthala for what I’ve turned into the footnote on the blog post draft there.

I tried to use Pocket for a while, but when I noticed that I’ve created a huge backlog of articles that I would never read, I decided to uninstall it. Maybe I should give another try with this beeminder integration.

p.s.: In the blog post there is a typo in the hyperlink to the Pocket site.

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Exactly! :grin:

Thanks! Fixed. (That’s good for stickers if you DM me an address!)

I’ve archived an article and refreshed my graph. This worked well. Then I archived another article (to double check that integration is working :grimacing:) and refreshed my graph, this isn’t picked up by Beeminder :thinking: I tried to unarchive and rearchive the same article and still no luck!

Is this expected behavior somehow?

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Not expected! Is it persisting in not showing up? Can you click the autofetch/refresh button on your graph page? (Oh, I think you’re saying you did that but making sure it’s the Beeminder refresh button, not just refreshing the page.)

Yeah it has persisted.

I’ve tried the refresh button a few times by now. (Refreshing the graph by swiping down in iOS causes the same though… right?)

Here’s how my Pocket archive looks:

I’ve archived the article about digital gardens first. You can see integration doing it’s magic here.

Feel free to use the app authorisation for debugging, if you’ll dive into it. I’ll keep you posted as I read more :slight_smile:

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It seems to have been a temporary or specific bug, somehow.

The integration is working for some other articles!

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Hi, I took a look at the raw output from pocket, and for some reason the “Rise of Worse is Better” item is not categorized as an “article” by pocket, so that’s why we’re not picking it up. I had filtered for items that are articles, because the other content types mentioned in the api documentation were videos and images… but this one is not classified as an image or video either – so that’s odd! Is there any indication in Pocket’s interface about how it is classified?

Does anyone else have any experience with encountering “non-articles” in Pocket? I wonder if I should just remove the restriction to “article-type content”, and count anything that is archived? Or do my own filtering, like maybe we want to count things that videos, or articles, or nothing, but not count things that are just images? I mean, not that I think I want to do that, just that it is an example of a custom filter.


There’s no visual indication but a functional one.

In both the web and the mobile apps, the item opens in its webpage instead of in Pocket’s reader (unlike “articles”).

For some pages, I remember Pocket showing a “There seems to be no article here so you may want to open this in a web browser. If you think this is our mistake, let us know.” warning when I opened the article. It doesn’t for this page.


Hmm. Ok. Well, I guess that probably erring on the side of “just count any archiving as +1” is the least magical thing to do. And since some things that are totally legit “things-to-read” aren’t categorized as “articles”, we’d probably better go with that.

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(and done; from now on, it counts anything archived)