iOS App feature request: More notification sounds

I rely on the iOS app to remind me about beemergencies, but too often I end up ignoring the notification because it sounds like my other notifications.

Some apps (e.g. Any.Do) allow users to select a notification sound, and I’d like the same option for Beeminder.


The biggest barrier to this is probably finding and choosing some appropriate sounds. If anyone has suggestions for sounds (either published under an open license, or which we can license) feel free to share links to them here.


This GitHub project has cc licensed sounds in wav, ogg, and midi. I can search for more if I know what format(s) would be best.


Thanks for finding some options!

In terms of format support (I don’t understand what this means any more than you do):

The system sound facility plays custom alert sounds, so they must be in one of the following audio data formats:

  • Linear PCM
  • µLaw
  • aLaw

You can package the audio data in an aiff, wav, or caf file. Sound files must be less than 30 seconds in length. If the sound file is longer than 30 seconds, the system plays the default sound instead.

Apple Developer Documentation

In terms of the app, I think it would be better to have a short (< 10, maybe even just one) list of great sounds that are really appropriate for Beeminder than a long list.