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iOS app: Loading indicator for goals

When I launch the iOS app, it often gives me a scare. If I’ve entered data for one of my goals outside the app, and that goal would have otherwise derailed, then it shows a big red LOST when the app first opens. It sends a stab of fear through me, until the app updates its data and refreshes to show no, my goal is still on track. Phew.

This happens almost every time I open the app. Can you add a neutral “loading” indicator when it launches, so it doesn’t just assume I’ve derailed? Or maybe just for the goals that would have derailed, wait until you’ve actually refreshed the data before showing that scary red indicator.


Seconded! As always, heart the suggestion if you like it, to help us prioritize features and changes.

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Upon bringing the app into the foreground, it shows the goals as they were more or less the last time the app was in the foreground. Meanwhile, it requests an update, fetching the new goals and their data. There should be a network activity indicator displayed in the status bar. Furthermore, the ‘last updated’ bar in the gallery in the app, just above all of the goals, should indicate an approximation of the last time the goals were fetched. This should give you an idea about how old / fresh the data is.

If I understand correctly, you would like the ‘loading indicator’ displayed in the gallery (perhaps instead or over the goals) while initially fetching data after the app has been brought into the foreground.

How old should the data be in order to prefer the above over the status quo?