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iOS app gets stuck fetching data


It’s been hours since I last used the beeminder app on my iPhone 6s and when I open it, it looks like this:

It seems stuck but the UI still partially works. I can pull down the list:

Sadly it doesn’t result in an update of the list’s contents. I can open the app’s settings and all that is still working. Bee that as it may — but only forcibly stopping and restarting the app gets it to chooch again.


And the weird thing is, for me, that it often seems almost as though the data had been successfully fetched, but not displayed. That’s how quickly it sometimes comes back after restarting the app.

For me, the app is fully functional during this ‘stale’ state. I can open goals and add new datapoints, for instance. Is that what you mean by “partially works”?

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It happened again!

I’ve been in my favourite part of the app, the stopwatch screen, doing my favourite thing there: working past midnight :wink: after which and with a hearty tap on “Exit” I returned to… this:

I took a long and expectant look at it but alas nothing happened.


Oh my bad I must have missed your question there earlier. Yes that’s exactly what I mean by that. I can navigate around and go to settings. I have not tried creating new goals but I’d still say we are indeed talking about the same thing.