iOS Shortcut for Adding Beeminder Data

I made an iOS shortcut to quickly add data to a Beeminder goal: Shortcuts

It adds a ‘1’ value to a given goal and prompts for a comment; it’d be pretty simple to make it prompt for a value too but I haven’t done that yet.

To add it you’ll need two things:

  • Your Beeminder personal auth token which you can find at - just cut and paste the whole thing in when asked, curly braces and all.
  • The name of your Beeminder goal: this is the last thing at the end of the URL of your goal page

I hope it’s easy to understand/use and helpful. Error reporting, sanity checking etc is minimal (aka non-existent) as it worked for me first time :sunglasses: (I had spent all morning debugging something similar for another service mind!)