iOS Shortcut Integration

I noticed that the latest version of the Beeminder iOS app had support for Shortcuts, but when I tried to use the Add Data action I got a “Could not run Add Data - There was a problem communicating with the app”.

Is it me doing something wrong or the app? I was just trying to add a “1” datapoint to a newly setup goal (also tried with an old goal, same problem). I can’t see anything that needs configuring anywhere.



I’ve had the same issue - haven’t been able to use the Shortcuts integration yet. I’ve tried restarting the Shortcuts app, the Beeminder app, and my phone.


I have had the same issue (also emailed a bug report to @dreev).


Me too. Thanks everyone for reporting this.

Apparently it’s harder to get working than anyone might expect. It works for @apb himself, and he’s busily trying to figure out what’s going wrong for many of the rest of us.


I’m also having this problem. Please let me know if there’s any logs or similar I can share.

ADDENDUM: my device has a corporate management policy.

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Same error message here.

It also doesn’t work for me. What does work is using API key.
Get your key here:

And configure your goal like this:

Also replace drinks-water with whatever your goal name is.


I think this link should simplify things for you: Shortcuts

Simply open it, add shortcut and replace values :slight_smile:

I can confirm this bug, but I’ve been reliably using the SMS integration to just send a text message to beebot.

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Got an answer from the app developer at Beeminder confirming that this is a known bug and on the list of things to fix.

(For now, an iOS shortcut using the API, as has been suggested above, can serve as a workaround.)

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This has been addressed in the newest version of the app (6.1).


Hurrah! Confirmed – the ‘add data’ action works in Shortcuts on my iDevice. Thanks very much.


EDIT: Resolved. I deleted and re-added the Beeminder “Add Data” action with the same settings and it now automagically works. Pffff.

I’m getting this message when I run a shortcut that tries to add a calculated datapoint to a Beeminder graph:

Unfortunately, there are no privacy settings in the shortcut:

I snuffled around and couldn’t find anywhere in my general iOS settings or the Beeminder app that was relevant. I’m on version 6.2 of the app, which I think is the latest version. I also couldn’t find anything at where I could authorize … something relevant.

Any ideas?

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I think I know where you need to go. Try the below:

  1. Open the settings app.

  2. Scroll down and find “Shortcuts” and tap it, on mine it is in-between “Maps” and “Health” but might be different.

  3. Once in shortcuts menu click on “Advanced”.

  4. Enable “Allow Running Scripts”.

  5. If you still have issues you might also try enabling “Allow Sharing Larger Amounts of Data”.

If you still have issues finding it let me know and I would be more than happy to send some screenshots.

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Also another thing to do is the following:

  1. Open Shortcuts app.

  2. Hold on the shortcut till it brings up a menu.

  3. Tap on “Details”

  4. Go to the privacy tab and it should have the option you are looking for.

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Thanks for weighing in, @linux535! I’ve already solved my specific issue but these tips are great for the next person who comes along. And the tip about where to find the Privacy tab is awesome — now I’ll know where to look next time I need it. Why doesn’t Apple’s support page say to LONG HOLD the shortcut? It just says “tap it”. Fortunately for me you read this post :smiley:

I just wanted to add here, in case it’s useful to anyone else, that you can also get to the details/privacy/setup tabs by pressing the circle-i tab at the bottom of the shortcut on iPhone. It’s a second option at the top of the right sidebar on iPad and Mac.

Insert lengthy rant about the terrible UI in Shortcuts on all platforms here! In fact make it just a lengthy rant about the shortcomings of Shortcuts.

Thanks I had now idea you could do that!

I am hoping they will revamp it in the upcoming iOS 17. As I agree the UI is quite bad. Also, I wish they would add a scripting language. As having to drag and drop to make long shortcuts is a real pain.