Is it possible to beemind something within a range?

Wasn’t sure how to phrase the title, but basically I want to track that I’m working at least 15 hours a week with a cap of twenty (I can’t work more than twenty) but to have the number “reset” each week, aka the extra five hours if I work twenty won’t count next week to drive down the number I need to work.

is there a way to do this? I currently have it set to twenty but I’m fairly sure this is too hard lol

thanks in advance!

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Do you mean you want to derail if you go below 15 and also derail if you go above 20?

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i want to derail if I go below 15 - if I just put that as my goal, if I work any more than 15 won’t it carry over the excess into other weeks?

I don’t want to have a “headstart” on the week after I do 17 hours if that makes sense?

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As a general rule, Beeminder tracks the average progress while enforcing a minimum daily amount (on a do-more goal).

If you want to reset it weekly, there’s an imperfect solution: you can do this manually on Monday mornings using the Ratchet feature on your goal’s web page to set the safe days to zero. This will have the effect of making the current day an ‘emergency’ day.

Ratchet doesn’t actually reset the goal though; it moves the red line to the left until the safe days are reduced (to zero in our example) which could leave you with some credit from the previous week.

In most cases, people struggle with only one side of the range — regularly doing too much or too little. And in practice it’s easier to manage a goal that encourages you to do more.

But if you do need to commit to both sides (at least 15, never more than 20) then that takes two goals, one to ‘do more’ (at least 15) and one to ‘do less’ (never more than 20). From a beeminder perspective, those two goals are completely separate, with any relationship between them existing only in your head and how you use them.


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