Question about weekly goals ...


I have a wellness goal that I want to practice (at least) 35 mindful minutes a week.

Of course, that comes to 5 minutes a day. But I don’t’ want to be “punished” if on one day, let’s say I do 3 minutes, because I essentially want to AVERAGE 5 minutes a day, as opposed to actually accomplishing 5 a day. How do I tell beeminder that? Thanks!

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Hi! That’s how Beeminder is designed, so there’s nothing special you need to do – it doesn’t matter whether you do five minutes exactly per day, as long as you have done more in advance (or set leeway in advance) in order to make up for it.

So you couldn’t set up a goal with no safety buffer and a rate of 5/day, and then do only 3 minutes the first day… but if you started with safety buffer you could, or if you’d already done more the day before.

Our help docs are pretty extensive, so I’d be curious whether you tried to look there at all, and whether you struggled to find anything on this or whether something was unclear for example? It’d be really helpful to hear more!

We have an article on weekly goals that explains things at a bit more length, with an example. But if that just wasn’t clear or something, I’d love to hear the feedback.

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Minor, but you’ll probably want to set your rate to 0.08 hours per day instead of 5 minutes per day, since features like the app timer and time display expect your rate to be in terms of hours instead of minutes.

Thanks so much! And I do that in the drop down column where I can pick day/week/month and it automatically converts the amount?

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@eroxx Yes, all Beeminder goals actually use a daily rate even if you select a weekly or monthly rate. So if you set 7 / week, that gets converted under the hood to 1 / day. Though if you plan to use weekends off, it’s probably better to use a daily rate to keep things less confusing.