Is there a limit on daily API use for a goal?

Beeminder limited IFTTT datapoints to 150 a day last I heard. Is there a similar limit on the number of daily datapoints I can enter through the API for a goal?

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There isn’t an explicit limit set (confidence level: Adam told me so), though I am assured that at some point super high API traffic will result in support running around with our hair on fire. :slight_smile:

Will update if someone contradicts Adam.

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Ok great. From these posts it looks like the limit applies to both IFTTT and Zapier:

I was under the impression that was a IFTTT thing, but now I’ll go fishing in the source. :slight_smile:

Mea culpa. The limit is 150 datapoints per day per goal.

I’m not 100% sure why rubymine doesn’t find 150 in that file when I search…


Hmm. Does changing a datapoint count towards that 150?

It does not look like it. It does a test on the total number of datapoints on that goal with the daystamp.


Awesome - thanks for the info!