The beeminder graph generation doesn't like large numbers of datapoints

Due to, um, reasons*, I just entered about 150 (I think) data points on the same goal in the space of about 10 minutes.

The result seems to be a graph that really doesn’t want to regenerate. The little bee just flaps forlornly over it until it goes grey and a big “Retry Now” button appears.

* A zapier task connected up to add one data point to a goal every time I add an item to goodreads. I was… more productive at doing this than anticipated.


Isn’t there a limit of 150 datapoints per day? Here’s what I googled quickly: extra integrations

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Yeah, I hit the rate limit. I didn’t know it was exactly 150 data points, but that makes sense from what I saw.

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Got a recommendation for us for a more lenient limit?

I don’t think 150 data points is necessarily unreasonable. This is a bit of a silly special case and I retroratchetted after so it doesn’t really matter to me if I get all the right data in. It was mainly that I didn’t want to have a broken graph (it now seems to be working again, though I don’t yet know if it will take forever to update in future)

What’s the reason for the limit? Is it just to prevent mistakes/abuse? If so maybe when a goal has hit a limit put up a big button on the goal page saying “Yes I meant to do that”?

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Good idea. The original reason, I think, was infinite ifttt loops :slight_smile: (recipes where adding a datapoint on one graph adds a datapoint to another graph which adds a datapoint to the first graph which…)