Jean-François Delcamp's online guitar lessons

I spent some time this summer exploring self-learning options for guitar, and have decided the Delcamp classical guitar program is the best place to start. The lessons have a clear structure and a timeline (one per month for ten months), and you have to actually register as a student and upload videos of your progress. It looks like a close-knit community, too. Oh! And it doesn’t cost a dime. Quoting Monsieur Delcamp:

The lessons are free. They are aimed at the isolated amateur who does not have the opportunity of having a teacher.

I’m posting here for two reasons:

– Getting the word out about the course is a condition for admission to the class.
– The new season has just started (today, in fact), which makes it a great time to jump in if you, too, are trying to learn classical guitar. Nudge, nudge. Join me!

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Awesome. Did you happen to see anything aimed at 3-string guitars during
your search?