Kitchen Safe commitment device

Anybody else see this on Shark Tank? They totally sold me three minutes into their segment – immediately thought of Beeminder.

Can’t believe I haven’t thought of searching for something like this before! None of my stop-eating-fast-food-so-much goals have really worked for me at all, because in the end I could always exaggerate (or straight-up lie) to Beeminder. Locking up my wallet all day is extreme, but I think it might be the only thing that would work for me. Definitely considering buying this on Monday after I do some more research on it/any competitors.

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I have a Captured Discipline safe which I like to put my laptop or 3DS in, so I can meditate or read my books (and sometimes study haha) instead of wasting time on the Internet all day. I have a bad habit of rationalizing not putting my computer in there though, since a computer can be productive as well as unproductive. I hope you find success with using it for junk food, I guess it is harder to rationalize how cheese cake is good for your health :wink: I made a Beeminder goal to get me to use my safe more often, not yet anywhere close to derailing.

A tip for putting items that are too large to put into your safe ― get a luggage bag, drawer, cupboard or a spare room with a lock on it, put your large item in the bag, lock it, and put the key into your safe.

When I want to get up really early and I’m afraid I’ll shut my alarm off and go back to sleep, I like to put my alarm clock across the room, sometimes inside the safe (to remind me). When the alarm goes off, I turn it off, I then put my pillows inside the drawers and lock 'em up, and throw the key inside the safe for about an hour. So now, if I wanted to go to back to sleep, it would be really uncomfortable without my pillows!