Larger logo for forum?

Not sure if this is something that discourse will let you fix, but it seems like the logo they’re using for the PWA when the forum is “installed” on my Android is way too small. Would giving discourse a larger version of the logo fix this?

Here it is in my dock:

Screenshot_20230226_073408_Microsoft Launcher

And here’s the splash screen:

I’m guessing even after it’s fixed Android users may need to remove it and re-add it to their phone to get the change to take immediately. :thinking:


for me it’s a perfectly reasonable size. but i have nothing installed, i have a browser shortcut. forum on the left, beeminder app on the right:

maybe this could be a good short-term-solution for you?

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Hmm, interesting. The term “install” is a bit problematic here. I did add it via a browser (some time ago–maybe I should try re-adding it?), but it installed the PWA. So it’s not installed via the app store, but it’s also not a shortcut. But it does indeed look like you were able to add it as a shortcut only since it has the second icon imposed on the first. :thinking:

I think it may be dependent on what browser you’re using whether it will let you add it as a PWA vs a shortcut depending on how complete the site’s PWA manifest file is. Also, there could plausibly be additional issues based on how different launchers handle shortcuts / PWA’s / etc. Though I’m using Microsoft’s launcher, so I’m guessing it’s reasonably behaved? Also based on the fact that TaskRatchet’s PWA seems to be working fine.

So I guess, all to say I still hope the Beeminder team could give Discourse a larger logo to help make things work generally better across the board in spite of all the permutations… :person_shrugging:

Aside: What browser is that you’re using? I don’t recognize the E-on-a-tree logo


mine is definitely just a shortcut, not a pwa. i didn’t even really know what a pwa is before looking it up quickly just now.

my browser is actually a search engine called ecosia. it plants one tree per x searches (forgot the number). so it’s just a browser because i’m on mobile, it’s only a search engine on web.

my phone is a huawei honor 7 (?) i think, if that’s relevant. (i once heard that huawei changes android things more compared to others, not sure if that’s still accurate / relevant in this case.)

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I just removed the forum from my phone and then re-added it through edge and it looks a lot better now. So maybe not beeminder’s fault at all :sweat_smile:

Screenshot_20230301_235719_Microsoft Launcher