Let me reduce current pledge and pledge cap at same time

I just derailed on a goal and got charged $90, my pledge cap. Upon reflection, $90 is too much for this goal. I’d like to reduce the pledge cap back down to $30. I’m OK with the fact it won’t take effect until after the akrasia horizon - that’s what I signed up for. But right now I can’t reduce the pledge cap at all, for any effective date, because I have to wait until my scheduled change of the current pledge goes through. I’m worried I’ll forget (in fact, I think that happened the last time I derailed at $30 with this goal).

Please consider letting me reduce the pledge cap at the same time I reduce the current pledge.


I hear you! This used to be possible… and it resulted in people being infuriated that for that week, we’d still charge them the original pledge. “I’ve set my pledge cap to $30, I don’t consent to being charged $90 anymore!” Or people would lower their pledge caps and not their current pledge, and then be confused that the current pledge didn’t change…

That said, now there’s confusion/tripping people up this way too, so clearly we haven’t got the optimal solution yet. We’ll keep thinking on it – thanks for letting us know it probably tripped you up in the past!


Thanks @shanaqui! Idea: add a checkmark next to the “Reduce current pledge” button: “Also reduce my pledge cap”


You could even make it say “Also reduce my pledge cap after the akrasia horizon” so no one can get mad at you.