Link: 4 ways to get motivated when you don't feel like working

4 ways to get motivated when you don’t feel like working -


  1. Use your memories
  2. Create a pre-game routine
  3. Rely on teammates
  4. Put something at risk

Item 4 is practically Beeminder, but the other 3 are also interesting.
I really like the “pre-game routine” idea.

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It misses the most important:

  1. Do it anyway

It is a mindset, but you don’t have to let your feelings control your actions - I dislike doing squats with heavy weights, but I do them anyway. Feeling like you don’t want to do it is perfectly okay, just so long as you don’t think you have to be ruled by your feelings.

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I agree with @tomjen, but for me, the thing that makes it possible to just do it anyway is being able to trust that my past self put things on the page that really matter to me in the long run, and not just things that seemed like a good idea at the time.

Said another way: I’m not in this life thing to be constantly doing things I don’t want to do. I’m in it for the enjoyment. So I’m only going to think doing something is a valuable choice if I trust that my enjoyment will be greater in the future because I do this unfun thing now.

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Amen. Well said.
Bob Quilitch