Link & Comments: How to stop screwing yourself over

Some thoughts on this video:

When I first watched this I thought it was not that revolutionary. However I keep coming back to it (in my head at least). It drives home a number of my own thoughts about how brains work. Well, mine at least. So here’s what I took home from the video:

  • The 5 second rule
    • If you have some thought in your head, ACT on it ASAP because in 5 seconds it will be gone
    • Set up a reminder real quick, jot down some note somewhere
    • Do the damn thing
  • Activation energy
    • It’s harder to start than to keep going, akin to chemistry
    • I personally call it inertia that you need to overcome first, like in physics
    • This ties directly into the following idea:
  • Your brain loves to operate in either one of these two states:
    • Autopilot. Like commuting to work in your car. You don’t have to think about it.
    • Emergency Break. Full stop! Basically everything else. Very strongly simplified.

The point being: To get out of emergency break mode and into something resembling auto pilot you need to put in some energy, overcome that mental inertia that keeps you in your emergency break.

And I think there is some very strong and fundamental truth in there. So go watch that video. It’s 20 minutes of auto pilot, your brain will love it :wink: