Logging wake up time limit

Has anyone solved this yet? I seem to cheat a lot when it comes to waking up goals on beeminder.

I am trying a new applet in ifttt which uses the location as trigger and datapoint value is: TOD[{{OccurredAt}}]. I have changed the deadline to 8am on my goal. not sure if this will work…

I also am a huge cheater about wake-up goals. This is what I’m doing now; so far it has worked well for me, though it’s definitely not elegant:

  • I have a weasel-proof goal for wake-up time, such that my wake-up time must average to [insert desired wake-up time here] each week [plus an hour or so of buffer time].
  • I set up one IFTTT applet that logs the current time (using the same macro you mention above) whenever I send a text to IFTTT with the tag #iamawakenow
  • I set up another IFTTT applet that sends a datapoint of value 16:00 at 4 pm, every day
  • I made my goal custom, with data aggregation of ‘first’ such that, if the former IFTTT applet runs before 4 pm, it takes that value; the latter applet runs every day no matter what, so if the former doesn’t, the datapoint for the day is 16:00 (as a pessimistic presumptive report)
  • I keep my phone in the kitchen overnight, so that I have to physically get out of bed and walk a ways in order to send the text.

While this is certainly not perfect, I’ve found it’s pretty dang hard to cheat at, unless you send the text and then go back to sleep. One semi-solution to that problem is to change the tag frequently (preferably to something random you won’t remember), write it down, and hide it somewhere that will motivate you to get up (like under your coffee machine).

I know it’s complicated, but it’s the only way I’ve been able to successfully beemind my wake-up time (and, boy, do I need it).


Thank you for the idea. It’s a very weasel proof solution indeed. I am going to implement it and see the results lol. I have a slight fear of failing now. Hopefully i get to work things out.