Getting the right data from IFTTT + Webhooks

Hi all, inspired by this post, I’m trying to learn how to use IFTTT and Webhooks to make a habit of waking up by 10AM.
I’ve got a Webhooks applet going that sends +1 to Beeminder when triggered but doesn’t enforce that I hit the trigger before 10AM. I am thinking of making a Do Less with the goal of 10 hours or less. Then I could extract the {OccuredAt} value from the Webhooks applet. I’m currently stuck on this step as I am unsure on how to get the correct piece of data from the applet. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!


Thomas Frank, notable YouTuber, has achieved this using the do less option in beeminder where if a schedule tweet (for you at 10:05am ish) is sent then, IFTTT will see that and it will add a point to your beeminder and charge you. the only way to stop this is to delay the tweet by a day.

A potential question to ask yourself is why do you wish to wake up by 10am? What do you want to achieve with the time gained from not sleeping in? if you want to achieve something remind yourself that when waking up and make that a goal for the morning to do eg write 100 words in draftin by 10:15am (set time as deadline) and that is only possible by waking up at 10am.


ah this is great, I never thought of it this way. Will give it a try. Tysm for replying!