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Lost over 10kg - beeminder and intermittent fasting!

Lost over 10 kg since the start of the year via beeminder and intermittent fasting! I am 1.3kg off my initial weight goal (though I’m planning, once I reach it, to celebrate by buying some new shoes and then setting a new, bit lower, goal).

When the lockdown lifted here (NZ) I went clothes shopping and was down two dress sizes. I kept asking a shop assistant for smaller sizes! She said everyone else was complaining about having gained weight during lockdown.


Woo-hoo! Congratulations! :tada:

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How are you fasting - what are your rules?

My eating period is noon to 8pm, 5 days a week. The other two I will fast until noon but might eat a little or drink more after 8, and outside that I only drink water or non-sweetened black tea. I’ve had breakfast occasionally, for Christmas Day because we always do pancakes with maple syrup and for Mothers Day when the kids made it.

The drinking restriction is to no/low calories stuff, the only reason I don’t drink black coffee is that I don’t like the smell of coffee. I generally don’t drink non-alcoholic sweetened drinks, including fruit juice, inside my fasting period either because I don’t like the taste. I will eat anything but I am the pickiest person when it comes to drink. I’ve also recently added a goal to cut down on the number of evenings a week I drink alcohol because my weight loss was plateauing.

I don’t calorie count because that’s too much like work.

The weird thing is that the intermittent fasting has really dropped my appetite within the eating period, so without even trying I don’t snack as much, e.g. I don’t want an afternoon snack any more. Also my body wants more veggies, presumably because it knows it has only two chances to get the nutrients in during a day. So I indulge it.

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Very good. It all makes sense (except not liking the smell of coffee).

After this stay-at-home eat-whenever-I-want period I’ve put on a few pounds. I’ve heard pros and cons about fasts like this, and I’ll only know if it works if I give it a try.

Thanks for the detailed explanation!

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People tell me “the smell is the best part”. If so, I shudder to think what it must taste like. :slight_smile:

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