Made a "40 pushups a day" habit, today it wants me to do 80, what have I done wrong?

Hi all!

I’ve set up a new goal to do 40 pushups a day (and another for 30 situps a day).

I completed both of these goals yesterday, however today they are essentially asking me to do double what I’ve pledged i.e. 40 pushups and 60 situps. Have I messed something up in the settings?

This is what my graph looks like

Thank you!

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Hi there! I suspect you’ve made an odometer goal, so that when you’ve entered just what you’ve done today, it’s interpreting it as your cumulative total… being less than yesterday. Odometer goals need you to put in your cumulative total instead.

To be sure, can you post a link to the goal so I can take a look? I can convert it into a do-more goal if you’d prefer, where you can just enter the number you’ve done today!

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Ahh that sounds right, so I’m assuming an odometer goal would include the page you’ve reached in a book each day, whereas I just want to enter the number of pushups I’ve done each day and have it be automatically added to the overall total.

The two goals are here, thank you!

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Yep, that’s it exactly! I’ve converted both into do-more goals for you, since it was simple – can you take a look now and make sure everything looks right? Converting goals can be a bit weird, so in future if you make a mistake I’d suggest deleting them and starting over where possible, but I figured a conversion in this case would help you see the differences and save you dealing with transferring the data. :smiley:

Thanks so much for mentioning you were confused by this – I should have mentioned that before, sorry! It’s always super useful to hear what’s tripping people up.

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That’s sorted it, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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Hurrah! Thanks so much for talking through this with me – it’s super useful feedback!

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Oh my goodness, yes, knowing that you accidentally created an Odometer goal when you meant to make a Do More goal is really vital feedback for ongoing work we’re doing with improving the goal creation UI. Thank you so much! Please keep this kind of feedback coming! (In fact, if there’s more you can say about what may’ve led to that confusion, we’d be grateful to hear it.)

along the lines of a few samples

"I would like to "
–> do more
-----> situps

“I would like to enter my data”
–> just did 5 situps, I enter 5
–> just did 5 situps, I enter the running total thus far + my new 5

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Might work even better with reference to a book

I would like to read more
or specifically, I would like to read an entire book (of xxx pages)

After reading, I would like to enter
–> number of pages I just read
–> current page number


I think this explains the issue I’m having with my ‘write for 10mins a day’ goal. The book analogy while setting up would have helped me avoid making this mistake. I was sure I set up a ‘do more’ goal (I thought odometers were a premium feature and I don’t have premium…yet). Anyway, I’ll follow these tips and try to fix my goal, or delete it and start over if I can’t change it.

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