Making one-off bets with yourself

Beeminder main is good for commitments over time. And GTBee is good for single time-bound commitments. But I’m wondering if there’s anything for making bets with yourself that doesn’t necessarily involve a time component.

Most of the examples I have in mind follow an IF-THEN format. So “if X, then Y”.

If these were repetitive, I could model them with a regular Beeminder goal. But for the stuff I’m thinking of, I’d like to try single bets.

It could be modelled with GTBee, by just completing the task if you reach the time limit and there was no prior “X” condition.

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Does GTBee offer notifications? As far as I can tell (on iOS) there are no notifications. What I would ideally like is a way to configure multiple reminders.

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Could you give an example? It’s not quite clear to me what you mean.

okay let’s say you have a blog. and you keep getting ideas for things to post. but you have some sort of cognitive avoidance thing going on so you just put your notes in Evernote and don’t bother to post them. and this is a behaviour you’d like to get out of

so you could do “if I write notes for a post, I will lightly edit them and post them to my blog”

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Do you use Slack by any chance? Because the new /charge command we added might be a good way to do this. You can tell Beeminder to charge you $X in N minutes if you don’t do some onerous task. Then if you do it you can cancel the charge; if not, let it go through. Doing all this publicly in a Slack channel hopefully prevents weaseling.

Maybe additional apparatus is needed for the IF-THEN part of what you have in mind, but maybe the straight-up /charge command could work for some situations.


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