Feature idea: Last-minute Commitment Contracts

I’m currently procrastinating writing a large report for work and it’s gotten to the point that my standard ‘procrastinate less’ tagtime goal isn’t quite cutting it. It could be that the pledge just isn’t high enough, but come with me down another avenue of psychopathic self-binding for just a second.

As I was sitting at my desk not working on Big Thing Due Imminently (BTDI), I thought it might be useful for a strong boost of short-term motivation to be able to create one-time commitment contracts for $X which expire anywhere from 2 to 72 hours (picking an arbitrary maximum) in the future. At the end of the contract, unless you explicitly tell Beeminder that you’ve done BTDI by entering a datapoint or checking a box and signing a “I am not currently weaseling” pledge you get charged $X.

The reason I suggest this is that I haven’t been able to effectively create and mind goals for short-term (like, within a week) deadlines. Maybe that’s my failing. Maybe there’s another service which does this. Maybe this is infeasible because of Arcane API/Backend Reason #25479, or maybe it’s not lucrative enough for y’all to consider. If any of those applies, cool. This is just an idle, friendly suggestion, for something that would help me out in the immediate short term. Thanks for reading.


I think GTBee would do this, but sadly it is not for Android. (http://blog.beeminder.com/gtbee/)

There was that partial attempt of an Android GTBee that you could use if you don’t mind working around some rough spots.

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You could consider using the IFTTT time trigger with the Beeminder “Charge Me” action. It’s not completely ideal because the time trigger doesn’t have a one off option. But you can set it up for your deadline and the amount you want to pledge and then delete the recipe once you finished your task. If you fail, delete or disable it after the deadline or you’ll get charged again next year!