Maniac Mornings in the Month of May

Hah, more than a month later, I do, at last, have a timelapse video!

Looking back at this, I am still pleased with how much I managed to get done, but I think I gave myself a little too much mental credit for the days where I “worked really hard” to carve out writing time (i.e., writing on the bus/train, some of those late nights after a long day of other work)… I didn’t realise I took twelve “well-earned days off”, and I bet I could have found ways to write for two of three of those without really sacrificing things that mattered to me.

The screen-recording continues to be an incredibly motivating tool for focus, for me. And I particularly liked the way that a two-hour stretch felt, shoved into the margins of my life on the road – it was a small enough stretch of time that I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the idea of finding time to do it, but a large enough stretch of time that once I sat down to work I could get some real thinking done.

I’d be keen to try something like this again, especially during a month that I’m not living out of a suitcase!


@oulfis, thanks for sharing this with us. I liked how you managed to carve the quality writing time into traveling etc. This is always a huge problem for me - I can (kinda) propel myself to a level of productivity at my normal routine but once I am somewhere other than at my working table, I get stuck. I will try to use your example as an inspiration, as I really ought to be doing some writing this summer semester even though I am technically away from the university.

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Fantastic! Though you could have worn a GoPro to the wedding, I bet you could have gotten some great time lapse of the dance floor :smiley:

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