Max. once per week

I want to restrict myself to do a thing once per week at maximum. I’ve tried setting up a “Do less” goal with “one time per week” as restriction, but if I enter 1 for the day I shoot over the yellow road and will derail at the end of the day, because the daily allowance is 1/7. Is there a way to do what I want? With a safety buffer of seven days doing the thing once and then not doing it for six days would level out to one, but I haven’t found an option for that.

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Ok, silly me. If I wait a week I will not go over the yellow road if I enter 1. When I create the goal I can set the safety buffer appropriately so that I don’t have to wait. But I will be able to do the thing more than once per week if I abstained for a few weeks. Is there a way to limit the accumulation of a bad week = reset the goal?

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It sounds like what you want is a goal that will let you do the thing if you abstained for the last 6 days in a row (so counting today it’s been a week) but you don’t accumulate credit for abstaining two weeks or two months ago?

You can retroratchet the goal to throw away accumulated safety buffer:

And if you are on one of the premium plans (I forget which) you can make that automatic, so the goal will shed your buffer for you automatically, which it sounds like is what you want?


Thank you, that’s exactly what I need!