Maximally efficient strength training Beeminder goals for family competition

I have this goal:

Here is my fine print:

As of 2018, intending each 1 to be equivalent to at least a 20-minute gym session (30+ would be more normal). Can’t get more than 1 point per day. Can get a fraction of a point by doing something less intense:
0.333 points: max push-ups or other single bodyweight exercise or home dumbbells, or 2+ sets non-max, or a short run/cardio
0.5 points: 3 different home exercises, or 15 minutes of yoga or other non-punishing cardio
1 point: 3+ sets of swimming
Sick? Can skip.
Traveling? Something simple is fine, like one set of bodyweight exercises.

Adding the fine print to this goal as of Jan 2018 has been really awesome; I’ve been much more consistent about actually lifting with weights in the gym instead of doing bodyweight stuff at home. So even though I only spent about 40 minutes per week working out, I made some decent progress this year.

Now, exciting idea today! Although I still can’t justify spending a ton of time on fitness, with competing demands of running my startup and spending time with my kids, I can maintain this exercise habit and keep progressing. In order to give myself some extra excitement, I challenged my dad, who just recently got a power rack and started powerlifting, to compete to see who can do the most 1x5 on bench press, deadlift, and squat by October 4, 2019. I challenged myself to lose body fat for 7 weeks this summer before a family reunion and it worked well, so I want to continue the family angle, since my brother and my dad are both more fit than I am and good targets to measure up to.

Wanted to get some ideas. If I want to maximize my progress and win (I’m super competitive), would you change anything about this goal, or add any supporting goals? I don’t want output-based goals because I don’t know how fast I’ll progress, but perhaps Beeminderizers have seen success with different goal formats? I haven’t thought much about changing this lifting goal since I started it in 2012. Also, I haven’t been looking at strength training protocols for a long time, so if anyone has favorite tips on improving from 1x bodyweight bench press, 1.6x squat, 2x deadlift, love to hear those.

I’m just on basic bodyweight level but NerdFitness has some guides on this

I am not strong at all as I spend most of my time running, but whenever I do some strength training I find that not-too-light kettlebell swings and get-ups give an awesome bang for the buck. Might be worth looking into just to mix it up, especially if you haven’t changed much since 2012. One of my running coaches always told me

“You’ve got to keep the body guessing.”

When you’re comfortable with 2 x bodyweight deadlift I would think that you would get used to a 20 kg kettlebell quick. If you only get one, get that one and start with just a few reps. Start with two-handed swings and unloaded Turkish get-ups, when you can do one-handed swings and loaded get-ups, that’s all you need.

Arnold Schwarzenegger calls it “shocking the muscle” :open_mouth: