Meditation Goal

I’d like to automate a meditation goal. I meditate using sessions or guided meditation on apps that report my Mindful Minutes to Apple Health. I want to build a habit, starting at 5 minutes per day. Can I IFTTT from Apple Health and into Beeminder?


In case anyone is interested, I made a really simple DO Button recipe on IFTTT. Essentially, I will press the button when I meditate, and it will record a 1 for one session. I would rather have something timed, but I still think this will help since I saved the DO to my home screen on my phone.


Great idea to use an IFTTT Do button. Those are nice. Agreed it would be nicer to have the actual time. (Note for Android people: the Beeminder Android app has a built-in timer. You could also probably make this work with Tasker on Android, to connect Beeminder to whatever other timer/meditation app you may use.)

This is also another great argument for us to integrate with Apple Health as soon as possible!