Meditations per day without a guided app

I would like to beemind meditating at least 10 minutes every day, and I do not want to accumulate “credit” against future days if I meditate longer than 10 minutes. Most of my meditations are unguided, i.e., without an app that reports them. I do, however, capture my meditation time in Toggl Track.

It’s OK if my goal is in terms of meditation sessions per day, and it’s also OK if it’s in terms of minutes meditated, again as long as it requires me to meditate every day regardless of history.

Is there an easy way to automate this? (i.e., less than 10 minutes of set-up time)

I don’t know about Toggl details, but autoratchet to 0 days will mean that every day is an emergency day. I use autoratchet for things like this all the time, either every day or every few days, so I don’t go on a bender and do 8 hours of something and then forget to do it for a month afterwards.

Autoratchet is a feature of the Bee Plus premium plan.

You can find autoratchet under the commitment tab for each goal.


Toggl is one of Beeminder’s autodata integrations so you can set up a goal to use your meditation times from Toggl. I used it for several goals, including one for meditation. Beeminder :heart: Toggl blog post

Once the goal is created, you could turn on autoratchet as adamwolf describes.

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Thanks @alys . I’ve just posted a feature request for an addition to the Toggl integration that would enable me to do this with my current workflow. Feature request: Beemind Toggl Track entries by description