Metagoals request

Feature request here: metagoals or complex goals. That is, being able to pull data out of beeminder for a goal or do math with incoming data. The specific case I’m thinking of is my “writing” goal. I need to do 100 words/day - that’s great. The problem is when I get in the zone and pump out 1000 words - sweet! But then I have over a week of buffer, and lose motivation to work on it. What I really want is (on top of the 100 words/day) is something like (4 days a week, write 100 or more words). So being able to pull data out of beeminder or maybe being able to adjust a goal so it gives a point if (incoming value for day > 100) or something?

I guess it’s kinda similar to Feature Request: single datasource, multiple goals but not quite.

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You can probably get pretty close with IFTTT. I do this for quite a few goals, blogging, Pocket, weight…

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Two more ideas for you:

  • Set up the goal to be a binary “did it/didn’t do it” goal, i.e. you just put a “1” for each day you write > 100 words. But that’s just putting the math back on to you, so I’m guessing it’s not quite what you want. It also has the disadvantage that it’s no longer tracking the actual number of words.

  • Set the maximum number of safe days for the goal. This is available on Plan Bee and above. This would let you track the actual number of words you write.


IFTTT doesn’t seem to work - I can only do an “IF” on whether a datapoint was added to a goal at all. Draftin adds data everyday, regardless of if I did any writing (that is, if I didn’t write, it adds a datapoint of 0). I need to trigger IFTTT only if a day’s data is >100.

Do you know if there’s a way to get more accurate/discerning IFs?

The first goal is more-or-less what I want, but I’d like it to be automated. I already manually port google fit data across, I’d really rather not have to check each day my word count on beeminder, then add a point if it was over 100. That’s the kind of stuff computers should do for us.

Is there a way to automate this?

The second idea doesn’t feel quite right; it’s one goal tracking two separate goals, I feel. I might give it a shot, thanks.