Minor UI thing - turning off defaults for a goal

If I want a custom pledge cap for a goal, I have to go to the main settings page instead of the goal page to turn off defaults - that’s already kind of weird and complicated, but there are clear directions and a link so that was ok. But once I’m there, I have to uncheck the “Use Defaults” box in a part of the page that’s completely unrelated to pledge caps, i.e. it’s further down under Reminders. Makes no sense and was rather confusing to figure out :smile:


Ouch, yes, this is kind of a mess! Thank you so much for pointing it out. #UVI

Btw, to show our gratitude for bug reports and “minor UI thing” reports we’d like to send you stickers! If you have positive utility for stickers can you send your address to support@beeminder.com?

Thanks for the offer but trinkets are the bane of my existence and I have too many already :smiley:

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The quickest #UVI for this is to change where that link links.

Currently it points to the mass reminders settings page. There’s a perfectly good (albeit equally awkward) use-defaults checkbox on that particular goal’s reminders page.

If nothing else, that’ll save all the scrolling and finding.


Same thing applies to the nifty getting reminded about your … beeminder goal emails. The only reason someone would want to go to their /email settings for this kind of thing is to make bulk changes. #UVI