Modify Beeminder's EMA smoothing constant?

I use Beeminder for a lot of “tracking” goals. They’re measures like weight, body fat percentage, etc.—things I’m not in complete control of, unlike the hours I actually spend working (per Rescutime.) The advantage of Beeminder for these is the ability to have useful graphs all in the same place, with the same analyses, and to have entries automated. You’d think that ALL the apps that deal with inherently jittery data like human physical measurements would have things like EMA smoothing and the “turquoise swath” that shows both scatter and trend, but NOOOOO… instead you’re told to gather data less frequently because the jitter “gives the scale too much power.” Oh, please. :roll_eyes:

My question regards the EMA smoothing constant, which I understand is 0.25. For me, this is too “jerky”. :grinning: I’ve read the forum posts in which the change was discussed, and frankly I prefer the longer term trend that one gets with the 0.1 smoothing constant. Thus I still maintain my Hackers Diet account manually to be able to see the longer trend. Is there any user control to modify this setting (perhaps at a more costly subscription than my current one?)