Refresh autodata after fixing something in autodata source?

I may have ran into a regression/bug tonight, or I might just be confused.

I have an Aria scale that uploads to Fitbit which is then pulled in by a Beeminder goal. Sometimes the Aria gets confused, and measures the wrong weight. I reweigh myself immediately a few times when I get a weight I don’t expect, and it basically always locks in on a value with only one “fluke” reading.

Previously, if the weight was a low weight, I would go into Fitbit and delete the datapoint, and I am pretty sure it would get fixed in Beeminder shortly, especially if I hit the “refresh data” button. Today, however, that doesn’t seem to be the case. (I may be mistaken, and this might not have ever been a feature.)

If so, can some from support poke my weight_loss goal and either remove the datapoint "08 142.5 “Auto-entered via Fitbit at 06:49"” or have it repull today’s data from Fitbit? This isn’t urgent.


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Thanks so much for the beautiful bug report! I too believe that used to work. (Fixed manually for now and tagging #UVI for @bee to investigate when she emerges from upgrade hell.)

I believe that a very long time ago we may have limited ourselves to entering only one datapoint per day for Aria weight goals, (and so weighing in lower would erase a higher weight from beeminder) but I believe that was more than a year ago. We don’t keep track in any way of like “this datapoint here on beeminder corresponds to this datapoint here on fitbit”, so there’s definitely no updates in response to editing or deleting a datapoint on fitbit. Only if the weight is different since we last checked do we add a new datapoint for fitbit.