Money Page / FAQ

I was looking at today (I think after answering a support question from someone relating to money) and thinking we could do so much better!

Here are what I think are the actually important things that people want to know about money and Beeminder:

  1. It’s always free to start a goal (Freebees need to make this be true).
  2. If you derail, it costs you money, and will continue to cost you, unless you explicitly quit the goal.
  3. If you screw up and forget to enter data or whatever, It’s okay! Just tell us!
  4. You can choose your own limit for how high the pledge can go.
  5. You can buy a subscription if you want to “just track”
  6. [Maybe?] The money doesn’t go to charity, it goes to us!

Regarding #6 we’d possibly want to put all our terribly human and likable faces here at the bottom of the page. Either that or make it be true that you can pick a charity for some of the money to go to, with a link to an FAQ item (or this blog post) about how we don’t believe in making the world a worse place by donating money to anti-charities.

(I’m posting this here because it’s easier than updating the money page at the moment since not all of my 6 points above are actually true yet.)


I’d encourage you to emphasize this part because I was really surprised to discover that 1) real humans respond to, 2) they do it quickly, and 3) they are more interested in helping you than taking your money.

Hard to say! When I’ve given people the elevator pitch, I always include this and the people who “get” the QS aspect seem to also get #6 immediately. They expect you to burn the money / spend it in Vegas / etc. But it seems to me (anecdataly[1]) that people who don’t get the QS aspect also expect you to give the money to charity / kittens.

[1] Multiple anecdotes are anecdata right?