MongoMapper to Mongoid; Or, Breaking All The Things


Computers suck don’t they? Thanks for all the hard work and the postmortem! :heart_eyes:


(blush) thanks!

meta: Regarding the Beeblog category: Ideally we’d just use Discourse for
the blog comments but that’s not a sufficiently high priority to mess with
that in 2016. My criteria for having a forum category is whether anyone
might want to subscribe to just that category or would like to filter out
that category (like non-tech people potentially filtering out the Tech
category). I’m thinking Beeblog doesn’t pass that bar and we should put
things like this in other categories. Perhaps Bugabee for this one. Or News
but I’m not sure that category passes my litmus test either, and I’ve
failed to keep it timely.

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I’m utterly indifferent on categories since I read everything! I chose Beeblog because of the categories that existed at the time I made OP it seemed like the best match :slight_smile: