meta thread: migrating to forum.beeminder, beeminder wiki, etc

Fully migrating Akratics Anonymous to is going to
take a lot of work (we might have to write our own scraper, etc;
though Discourse has a nice API so that side’s less hard). In the
meantime, the cool kids have all clearly made the transition. You
should too!

Of particular interest is this thread on making a Beeminder community wiki:

Lots of other things too, of course, like our new HabitRPG
integration, ideas for beeminding sleep and book-reading and other
things, and some navel-gazing posts (I mean that in a good way!) like
“how many of you have actually derailed” and “Reflections on Honey”.

If you prefer this Google Group or have thoughts on the meta question
of Google Groups vs Discourse and doing a full retroactive migration,
just chime in by replying here! Otherwise, get over to

Thanks everyone! – search://“Daniel Reeves”
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