Moving from Google Groups

Do you think we should turn off the Akratics Anonymous Google Group? What about importing the archives?

As I commented in the Google group, I find the Google Groups web interface a more convenient way to access several forums I follow/participate in, than visiting separate sites. I would prefer if there is any way to use Google Groups’ ability* to function as a read-only archive of a mailing list, assuming that Discourse does provide that interface on its end.

* I am actually not sure this functionality is still in place in that exact form, but I believe that by forwarding all posts from discourse, Google Groups’ threading mechanism might allow it to continue functioning normally; in which case it’s only the posting permissions that need to be removed for a read-only functionality to be achieved.

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I like discourse, or at least I like the concept, and I think that it is better than Google Groups. Discourse is an attempt to rethink how forums/discussion boards should work. A lot of thought have gone into making discourse natural and intuitive to use, and I think it works really well if you just look for a feature where it would make sense to find it instead of where it usually is on other forums. I think it would be a mistake to try to fit it too much to old use cases.

It has been slightly annoying that I wasn’t able to insert images or include more than two links when posting as a new user.

Maybe just let the Google Group stay open, but make sure that people can’t read or write anything there without at least knowing that it has been replaced.

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I’m a bit sad about the move, as I used to read Akratics Anonymous every morning on my mobile as I procrastinated getting out of bed. I can’t do this any more because my phone is too old to read the discourse forum :frowning:

I remember someone asking whether discourse could act as a mailing list as well. If I could read all the new posts as an email I would be happy again.

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You can change your discourse settings to send you email for every message. This is what I've done. You can respond to a message just by replying to the email (like I am doing now).


Does anyone else find Discourse’s visual presentation of threaded discussions intuitive? That’s the part that irks me the most. Everything else seems to have been done really well.


We’ve successfully gotten critical mass here to the forum! (Thanks everyone!) We haven’t imported the Akratics Anonymous archives yet; I still think that would be nice. I’ve been using the daily beemails occasionally to point to interesting forum posts. I think I’ll try doing that on the old google group, turning it into a curated best-of sampler for the forum.

(I probably won’t keep doing that unless you all love it though. Just an experiment so far.)

AFAIK Discourse provides a digest feature. I receive one for several forums I participate in, and I believe it’s on by default because I don’t recall setting it up myself. It’s quite a nice summary; I wouldn’t keep up with those forums otherwise. Having it forwarded to the Google Groups posting address would be a great way to automate this out of your back. Computers don’t care if people love what they do :wink:

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