My personal goals (3 from 9): Movie

Hi folks,
I am very focused on my next goal: Movie
It’s about creating a movie of my son’s 6th year. I have to load all the raw movies onto the computer and cut it. For this task I set up a goal. I measure the minutes of movie which are already cut. Of course I have to do some editing at the end. Therefore I added 10 minutes extra. The movie should be around 80 minutes. With the editing it’s 90 minutes. The deadline is also clear: It’s a x-mas present. So it should be ready on December the 24th!
I must say that setting up a beeminder goal for this helped me a lot. Because I had a visual guidance of how far I am with the project! My wife was a bit nervous. She asked me if I have to do more on the video. But I could stay calm. Knowing that I am on the right path….
It was a hard time to get any progress on this topic. In addition I got ill. Since my leg affected I have problems with my step / fitness goals but I could work on the movie.
Today it’s burning day! I finished all the editing work. The covers are already in the cases and one DVD gets burned after the other.

Regards Chris