Mysterious Arrow/Graph Indicator (at least to a newbie!)

Hello! Just getting to grips with the platform and really enjoying the premise and community so far!

This might be completely obvious to someone with a background in mathematics, but I’ve been struggling to find a simple answer all morning! Could someone explain exactly what the triangular red arrow in this screenshot represents? Is it a projected/hypothetical data point if I continue on the current trend?

I hope that makes sense! Any & all help is much appreciated :smile: Happy Beeminding!

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Hello, welcome to Beeminder! I think that this happens due to having the defult option Pessimistic Presumptive on a do-less goal.

“So we came up with the pessimistic presumptive report (PPR) . A PPR is a datapoint Beeminder automatically enters if you don’t enter one yourself. Given enough time, the PPRs will eventually cross over the road, and you will derail. This helps keep the goal effective: as the data climbs nearer and nearer to the road, Beeminder will start sending you more and more frequent reminders about the goal, which will hopefully remind you that you wanted to stop doing that thing!”

You can check out this article, that will explain it way better than me:


Just to add to this answer, there’s a bit more detail on PPRs in the new help article!


Awesome, I love it!

Is there a place somewhere where I can see what new help topics have been added or updated?

They get a nod in the changelog/UVIs, but I don’t think @dreev always makes it obvious which docs I’ve updated. I don’t think there’s any other way to see, though!


I do generally link to each help doc that got changed. See the little :information_source: icons after UVIs like this one:

(Aside about the nitty-gritty of hosting the help docs)

I wish so badly that the help docs lived in GitHub (and actually think we’re kind of courting disaster by them not being in GitHub) where others could submit PRs and … a million other advantages. TaskRatchet is doing this right: And our own API docs:

We’d just have to figure out a way for non-coders to have as easy a way to edit the docs as HelpScout currently provides.

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