NaNoWriMo/Writing Goals

I tried to set up a NaNoWriMo goal with a Google Doc link. It didn’t work. It just stopped at that step but I didn’t get an error message either. It’s probably something really simple but I don’t see it.


  • Must the GoogleDoc link have full access or only reading acess?
  • Is the NaNoWriMo goal time restricted to November and the wordcount goal of 50000?
  • Or can I adapt it to track my wordcounts the whole year over? (I don’t want to use Draft.)

With NaNoWriMo nearly upon us, I’m flagging this for @bee to look into, pronto! #uvi

As with many big goals, like writing a novel, it can be helpful to beemind the same thing from multiple angles:

  • Words written, certainly.
  • Time spent writing, helpfully.
  • Time spent editing, possibly.

(Though editing time is doubtless correlated with becoming a better writer, it may not fit well with this manic month of writing a large volume of words.)

Our draft integration counts edits as well as raw words written, across all your documents, so may also not be that helpful for a NaNoWriMo specific goal.


Oh yes, this is so important! I dislike Draft too. Google drive integration would be much better, but unfortunately it never worked for me (not that I tried it recently though).

Please keep us updated!


I’m using Scrivener and don’t want to keep my draft online, so I was hoping Beeminder would be able to use NaNoWriMo’s own wordcount to keep things updated automatically like it did in 2013, but no? I gotta manually input my daily wordcount into each? That’s a pity.