My wishlist: words, moves, GTBee for Android

Minding my words: is probably useful for programmers writing code, but not for writers writing fiction (for various reasons). I wonder if instead Google docs integration would be possible? Google docs aren’t perfect of course but still they are more commonly used and versatile. Maybe Jamie Rubin’s writing scripts for Google docs can be applied somehow? There is a spreadsheet that is automatically updated with daily word count from all documents written in a given folder, maybe there is a way to send these data to Beeminder?

Also, it would be great if we could automatically add steps from Moves app, or, even better, Google Fit.

And one more thing: is there any hope to get GTBee for Android? I’ve recently lost $20 using it on iPad by simply forgetting all about it-), because it’s not my main productivity device.

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Eeep, @ndanda, did you get the legit checks from GTBee? You can reply to those to say what happened and we’ll stop the charges from going through (same 24 hour window as with Beeminder derailments).

Here’s the story on GTBee for Android:

As for beeminding a google doc, would it work for you to use a publicly accessible (or accessible to anyone with the URL) google doc? We have (that’s not been maintained but we’d like the excuse to whip it back into shape). We’ve also experimented with Google Apps Script, along the lines of the Jamie Rubin link you pointed to. Our last attempt was unreliable but Google Apps Script has come a long way since then so it’s worth revisiting.

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GTBee charges were totally legit: I intended to do something but then got distracted and forgot about it. Mea culpa, have to pay.

Scribeminder sounds very interesting: google drive folders can be shared via link, therefore in theory it should work. Right now, nothing happens when I push “Connect to Beeminder” button.


+1 for reviving scribeminder/something like it before my 750words trial runs out on december 1!

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+1 for scribeminder revival.

I was wondering whether there are updates on this? Connect to Beeminder does not work for me either.