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Yesterday @philip and I met and discussed various startup issues I had on my mind. Incredibly valuable conversation! I came away with several new insights and a whole list of things I could do to make progress.

Also just created a new Beeminder goal–narthur/err–that’s a simple autodialed Toggl goal for spending time working on fixing existing code errors and making the code more robust against future errors. I think that’ll be the best way to start making steady progress on that front.


Recently I’ve been working on trying to improve @shanaqui’s workflow for handling support requests. Currently it requires them to switch back and forth between the Slack bot and the email client to copy over the user ID and task ID. I’m hoping to reduce the amount of friction here or perhaps eliminate it.


I’ve discovered a bank transaction for the TaskRatchet account from a payee I know but the transaction I don’t recognize. So plausibly it could be legitimate, but it’s also worrying. I’ve created a new Beeminder goal–tr-ynab–to help me start better staying on top of TaskRatchet’s money flow.


I deployed an update to the internal Slack bot so @shanaqui can now delete users. It deletes all their tasks, then their user, and finally deletes their associated customer from Stripe. It was pretty interesting learning how to create a confirmation popup so we don’t accidentally delete any users.

Also I’m considering switching to use a monorepo for TaskRatchet. Currently we’re using separate repos, specifically so that I can selectively make some of the repos public. However I’m not sure that’s valuable enough to outweigh the potential development simplification of combining everything into a single private repo.

I don’t have that much experience with monorepos. I’m already using pnpm to manage a monorepo for the TaskRatchet API since that repo contains both the old python and the new typescript versions. So I might use pnpm or maybe turborepo if I decide to go that direction.

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I’ve tried Turborepo and found it a bit immature and hard to use. On the other hand, I have better experiences with Nx. (mostly backend stuff)

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