Feedback on new TaskRatchet landing page design?

I haven’t been 100% happy with the current landing page.

  • Doesn’t feel bold enough.
  • New users are confused about how TaskRatchet works.
  • New users balk at adding a payment method.
  • Page lacks social proof.
  • Page doesn’t immediately proof the service isn’t abandoned.

Here’s a first go at a redesign. It addresses most of the issues listed above, though not all of them. Very interested in all feedback you guys have, though of course I reserve the right to reject or adapt suggestions as I see fit. :wink:

What do you guys think?

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Changes I’d already like to make:

  • Add testimonials w/ photos
  • Figure out a way to add an accent color (I’m bad with color)
  • Add a Twitter embed so people see my #uvi’s (thanks for the kick in the pants, @dreev!)
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I think it looks amazing, is an unambiguous improvement on the status quo, and the webcopy is brilliant. I also adore those stats. Now I want Beeminder to have stats like that on the front page!

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Also I love the idea of showcasing UVIs on the front page though I don’t love the idea of using a Twitter embed because I like being able to not care if Twitter goes up in smoke at any moment.

For Beeminder’s changelog, we treat as the master copy (open source at and then also tweet them. Feel free to steal all our code for that. The folks have a more polished tool,

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I like it!

For this part:
I wonder if the Due item having the highest price will make some people wonder if the price increases automatically over time until it’s due. I don’t actually know why that idea popped into my head (could be just desperate lack of sleep) but it occurred to me that maybe if the due one was $5 and one of the not due ones was $12, it would prevent anyone thinking that. :woman_shrugging:


Is “Due” date going to be autogenerated? Because otherwise it will look silly in a month and discouraging after year or two.


Hmmm, good point. I did play around with the idea of having it be a live, interactive preview, but unsure how difficult that would be for me to do technically.


And on that topic - currency name localization or at least FAQ with info is it accessible outside USA would be nice.

More than once I registered only to discover that service is not available/crippled/blocked in Poland by service operator.


Another great point!

TaskRatchet definitely works in other countries–you can set your timezone to whatever you want, and we accept any payment method that Stripe will take. But everything’s still in dollars for the time being. :frowning:

Good point to make this more apparent on the front page somehow! And adding currency localization to the todo list…