's password game

now that i have completed it, i simply need a thread for it :p

a truly amazing, time-consuming, infuriating, exciting, increasingly difficult puzzle game! (imo)

in order to finish it, i needed:

  • around 13 different tabs open on my browser (not all of them would have been necessary to keep open until the end, but i needed a way to count them; differently-wired brains might require significantly less of these)
  • at least 3 windows open other than the browser (differerently-wired brains might require less of these as well)
  • hours! (i believe i went through all possible “game over”-ish outcomes, including giving up halfway through and only coming back a few weeks later)
  • one specific piece of information about the very last rule, which luckily i figured out myself after some confusion. (this is a location-specific-ish piece of information that probably only trips up people who live in certain regions of the world. [i’m in central europe, for reference.])
    SPOILER for the last rule (number thirty-five), obviously: time is to be written in the 12-hour-format, so 00:34 needs to be written as 12:34; 13:50 as well as 01:50 need to be written as 01:50, etc.

i know from the gratitude thread that at least two others here have played this at one point; if anyone wants to add something or ask for help or hints, please feel free! i’d love to hear if someone else is stubborn enough to complete it :)
(the thing about this game is that you can’t save your progress, so it’s really a 1+ hour time-commitment where you have to aim to finish it all [or at least get further than last time]. at least it took that long for me—one rule in particular could have probably / maybe been optimised a bit compared to how i did it, but i also didn’t want to spend too much time researching “what is the quickest way to find X,” and i found it kind of meditatitve to scroll thorugh rows and rows of things until i found X. [at least the first time around, LOL.])