New Design: Goal info mismatch on dashboard until you refresh

My still-open Beeminder dashboard (in Chrome, on OS X El Capitan) showed me this when I came into my office this morning:

The goal deadline & pledge information have updated to today’s situation (I’ll derail at midnight) but the goal color and checkmark for “data entered today” still reflect yesterday’s situation.

This is confusing, because you have three indicators that answer the question “where am I on this goal right now?” and they’re giving conflicting answers.

(It’s only an issue if you leave BM open across a goal deadline boundary without refreshing it, but I suspect a whole lot of us do that.)

Related question: What’s your preferred bug report setup? New thread for each bug, or add a post to any existing thread about the new design, or…?


Good question! I’m working through a backlog now of email and forum posts related to the redesign and I’d say both are equally good. So let’s bias it towards new threads for new bugs because the opposite recommendation increases friction in reporting bugs.

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Agree with @dreev that more threads are better for not losing things. I would quibble that this is more of a feature request since the way it’ll get fixed is to have the dashboard poll for updates in the background, which it doesn’t do currently. The only reason that the countdown stays accurate is that it’s just counting down to a fixed date in the browser. If, for example, you had added data via the iOS app and thus added buffer to a goal, the countdown would have been stale too.

Anyway, that’s more than you probably wanted to know, but it’s on the list now and should be fixed/built soon.


Not at all! I appreciate the detail. And thanks for letting me know it’s on the docket.