New Design: iOS app still using goal description instead of goalname

I’m betting this one’s already on your list, but with the new goalname/description setup, it may need to happen sooner rather than later, especially for new users.

Concrete example: My newest goal has a goal description that is just that (*)—additional quick-info on what I’ve committed to. That goal reads like this on the website:

But that means my iOS app now shows me

which is way too long and involved for me there.

(*) The new goalname displayed, goalblurb (description) shown on hover is working really well for me on the dashboard. Ditto the large me/goalname and smaller goalblurb underneath it on the individual goal pages. I actually like this approach better than the old approach. Much cleaner and clearer IMO. Danny, I withdraw any complaints I made about your insistence on this.


Hey, let’s not mess with things that still work fine for some of us! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


:innocent: :smiling_imp: Sorry 'bout that… though if the dashboard goalname/goalblurb toggle is going to be a thing, seems like maybe an iOS app setting for which one the user wants to show could be a thing, too.

whistles innocently


Thanks @grayson! iOS needs some serious TLC, there’s the context-switching cost for me to go from ruby to swift though, so it’ll be better overall to stay focused on addressing web stuff for a little while and then giving iOS attention after that. This is on the docket for sure (as well as a way to sensibly incorporate both short and long goal names, @apolyton :slight_smile: ).