New Month's Resolutions

With an excess of zeal, I started my January plank goal already a couple of days ago, so I already have a bit of a feel for whether this is going to work. I’m starting from quite humble beginnings as I’ve lost a lot of fitness/strength of late (partly due to being unable to walk for a while after my operation, and then because I couldn’t get back into my routines). I’m trying to use the comments on each datapoint to write down how it went.

So far, I’ve established that I can hold the very easiest plank (on forearms + knees) for at least a minute, which was suggested as a good time to move up the difficulty. So now I’m doing forearms + toes, and I can’t hold that for a minute yet. Technically my goal only requires one plank, and doesn’t specify the length, but I dropped down onto my knees and went for a little bit longer like that.

Nice side effect: I was feeling a bit restless, which my body was interpreting as anxiety, but settling in to get my plank done burned off some of that and settled me down.