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Beeminding New Year's Resolutions 2022

Hey everyone! It’s not long before 2022 hits, so I’m already beginning to think about how to use that milestone as a way to self-evaluate, decide what I want to do in the coming year, and how to make it actually happen.

Last year I had a couple of resolutions; I wrote about the process here. Of the resolutions discussed there, the only one I held to was the Litsy one – I don’t think I’ve done a single stitch this year, which makes sense as that goal was a bit unrealistic for me right now, and I couldn’t keep up the Pillowfort one due to the downtime there.

I haven’t really decided on any themes this year: I know I want to add to my Litsy engagement a bit and spend more time talking to people there, I want to get back to Pillowfort now they’re running fine, and I want to get back to engaging more on Habitica again.

That sounds like quite a lot already, so maybe I’ll leave it there – I already have various goals about health and so on, and lots of reading goals… but I haven’t decided yet.

What goals are you folks thinking about?


I think my main goals are kinda meta-goals, really. Like I want to more consistently maintain the systems that keep my brain and body functioning, things like organizing and proper bullet journaling (including doing the migrations every week and month).

I think this year has showed me my foundation isn’t good enough to take the kinds of things life has thrown at me, y’know?


Going through my resolutions from last year, I’ve only really completed three out of twenty-five-ish? :sweat_smile: So, the easiest thing to do would be just start with those. I’m thinking of starting up my Bee Journal again. :thinking:

Resolutions from 2021


  • /productivity: Spend five three hours a day on my new business studying for school.
  • /distraction: Spend all most my of leisure time on analogue activities.
  • /github: Create a new open source project that will benefit people. This project has done pretty good!
  • /blogging and /writing: Start writing and publishing more, aiming for two posts per week.
  • Start writing by hand in my bullet journal once a day.
  • Start tracking my budget better, buy as little as possible, practice frugality.


  • /learning: Earn 5 new certificates to help me with my career.
    • /courses: Complete 20 educational course in the year.
  • /books: Listen to 20 audiobooks in the year. Take notes on them publicly.
  • /french and /clozemaster: Consume more French media, read and write in it more frequently, aim for fluency.
  • Reach an ELO rating of 1700 in chess, read more theory. (I reached 1500 in bullet!)


  • /photos: Dedicate time to having a street photography session once a week.
    • Start a new photography portfolio.
  • /poetry: Read and write more poetry, and publish a chapbook. Published on Amazon!
  • Learn new songs and fingerpicking on guitar, try my hand at songwriting again.


  • /foodlog: Continue on my diet, practice veganism and sobriety.
  • /fitness: Continue going on daily walks to reach 10k steps.
  • /weight: Lose 40 lbs. and reach my goal weight of 140 lbs.
    • /weight-check: Continue logging my weight daily to gain the most insight on the data.
  • /sleep: Start waking up and going to bed earlier.
  • /meditation and /prayer: Take meditation and prayer more seriously, study them.
    • /gratitude: Contemplate what I’m grateful for more deeply each day.


  • /journalbar: Write an eBook about this experiment using Beeminder.
  • /derail: Aim for zero non-legit derails this year.
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