New Month's Resolutions

I’m a bit late to the party due to a Beeminder break, but I’d like to join! :slight_smile:

So here goes my index post:

  1. n/a
  2. less-stuff
  3. drawing
  4. [TBD]
  5. [TBD]
  6. [TBD]
  7. [TBD]
  8. [TBD]
  9. [TBD]
  10. [TBD]
  11. [TBD]
  12. [TBD]

(I’ll also do the intro of the february goal here.)

February - less-stuff

There are a bunch of stuff in my wardrobe and storage that I don’t think I’ll ever (re)use. I’d like to choose one and place it in <a box that I know> to make sure they eventually go out the door.