New Scrivener (Scrivener 3) + Beeminder integration?

I wonder if there are any new possibilities to mind word count? There is a nice new feature in Scrivener: writing history which shows some statistics, like how much you have written this month, and your average daily count etc. However there is still no way to automatically post these data to Beeminder, or am I wrong?

(I am aware of IFTTT recipe via twitter, which is quite cumbersome).

As far as I know, there is no API for Scrivener to integrate with Beeminder. I’ve seen it questioned about on Scrivener’s forum in the past as well, but unfortunately nothing has developed from it.
I also use Scivener, so I’m hoping once my Python skills are stronger I’ll be able to make an API for it, but that could be a while down the road.