Linking Scrivener

Are there any plans to link Scrivener to Beeminder? If not, is there any workaround, because I really the software. I’ve been using Draft with great success, but the organisational tools of Scrivener are really handy.


You could store your scrivener on dropbox and when your done working backup to dropbox. Then you make a zap that will update your goal everytime that file is updated.


I’ve been using the twitter notification widget inside of Scrivener. Project | Show Project Targets | and click the little blue twitter bird. That tweet should populate with # of words as the first word (as configured in the project utility). I select all extraneous info and put a project tag into the tweet. So the tweet looks something like this

300 #Novel

Then IFTTT picks up the tweet.

It doesn’t run immediately, but it works. I’ve been looking for a way to automate it more but Scrivener doesn’t make it easy to get the word count out in a scriptable way.


If you happen to be using Tinderbox alongside Scrivener, you could have an agent run a command, such as lydgate’s bmndr script, to update a Beeminder goal.


Great idea about twitter. Will try.

I’ve been able to get the added benefit of sharing work with reviewers/editors by syncing my Scrivener project files in Dropbox, so this may be a useful work around for me, but I strongly second the originating Scrivener integration request (specifically around a contributed words written/time frame) as (IMHO) Scrivener is the very best (and most important) writer’s/content creator’s work platform both available in the market and to monitor writing work rate from (it has an extensive built in stat function)!


Thanks! I 'll try this.